Better service means building strong relationships and partnerships — ones that understand quality and bring the most value to our customers. We stock over 6 million valve products in our Distribution Center in Edmonton.

CSC Valves

Thanks to an exclusive manufacturing partnership, Baron Oilfield Supply is the only distributor in Canada for CSC Valve products. What does this mean for you? CSC Valves are a solution-based offering, with specialty trims to on-the-shelf products.

Through CSC, we offer shorter delivery and turnaround time and have the ability to design specific valves for your project needs.


  • Size: ¼” through 8” (Larger sizes available upon request)
  • Class: 150# through 2500#
  • Connection: Threaded, Socketweld, Flanged
  • Grade(s): SA105, SA350 LF2, WCB, LCC


Other Valve Brand Offerings

  • Ball: WKM, DHV, K-F, Worchester, GWC, Balon
  • Butterfly: Norris, ZSPEC
  • Check: Argus, Crown, DHV, Bonney
  • Gate: Bonney, DHV, DSI, Newco
  • Globe: Bonney, DHV, DSI, Newco
  • Needle: Anderson Greenwood, Wika, Western Gauge, GRM
  • Pigging: Argus
  • Relief: Baird
  • Safety